Christmas Valley, Oregon


43.237700 -120.641312

56721 S Fandango Rd
Silver Lake, Oregon 97638

The Desert Race Christmas Valley 2018 was our inaugural event for this series of festivities and included good times with a tad bit of racing. Although it was a bit of a rough road to get out there, fun was had and the event has inspired us to keep going and make them even better. The wait is over. We are ready to do it all over again!! Come join us in getting lost in the Desert!! Register below to receive meet up location and ticket info. The Desert Race Oregon was a phenomenal event that was held in the desert of Eastern Oregon, about 2 hours east of Bend. The town itself is remote as you can get, but the track was infinitely easier to find and fun to ride for all types of bikes. The race is held at High Desert MX, a motorcross track that featured turns, ruts, berms, jumps and boy did the track not disappoint. Tickets available at the gate only!!

Official 2019 California Desert Race Poster by  @Harifadil

Official 2019 California Desert Race Poster by @Harifadil


2019 Race Information:

If you are interested in the event, please sign up for our registered Racer & Attendee to stay in the know.

Vendors & Photographers, please reach out to for more information.