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The Desert Race

The Wild West of Motorcycle Racing

The Revival House presents a genuine grassroot events that includes good 'ole scramblers, motocross and sprints all in the name of racing in some beautiful desertscapes across the West. The Desert Race is an alternative motorcycling event that encourages a diverse blend of motorcycle fans, motocross racers, beginners and pros, custom bike builders, speed shops with history, fans of 2 wheels and 4, and race fans from around the world. Regardless if the racers win or lose, we hope that all racers leave with a sense of accomplishment and they’ve had a great time surrounded by like-minded folks. Our core culture belief is in an equal and free inclusive environment that encourages and shows support to all riders and spectators. In all honesty, we are hoping to provide a safe place where shenanigans can be had and bikes can be admired on and off the track.

Yes, racing is at the heart of this event. To ensure The Desert Race differs at each state(stage). Oregon for example will provide a more motocross style track and excitement than the inaugural race held in Joshua Tree, California. Our mission is to ensure that each stage differs and brings a different set of techniques and tricks of the trade into play. We also want to ensure that each racer has a fair chance of capturing the glory. With many classes available ranging from beginner to advanced there is a class available for every type of motorcycle and rider.  

The Desert Race series provides this without the hassle, rules and costs usually associated with professional motor sport racing. 


So what happened at The Desert Race?